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EMOBA has been created by a team of designers and technicians specialized since years in the  leather  sector.  They  have  decided  to  bet  on  a  new  project,  able  to  combine  quality, attention to design and refinement of techniques and materials - thanks to

constant  innovation,  traditional  craftsmanship  and  Italian  know-how.


A  laboratory  of  ideas,  combining  twenty  years  of  knowledge  and  a  passion  for  work,, EMOBA recreates the most current style and fashion trends,

re-evaluating forgotten handmade crafts such as crochet and knitting.

Craftsmanship,  technique  and  style,  is  the  perfect  trinomial  for  the  brand  EMOBA  that  combines experiences and knowledge, emotions and memories, dynamism and passion.




Unique and precious sandals, bags, and accessories, realized in fine Italian leather.

that acquires more value by everyday life, shaping with the person,

in his or her own way of being and becoming a personal jewel.


The collection is a total fine leather line, created with the aim of re-evaluating craftsmanship, modernizing forgotten knowledge to a customized piece that stands out from the ordinary.


This video show the selection of leather, the creation of leather thread and crochet working process to manufacture a wide range of fashion creations and accessories.

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